ECON 136, International Economics, Spring 2016

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Class time & place

DMH 166, Mon/Wed, 10:30-11:45 AM, Feb. 1 to May 16.


Syllabus and text

The syllabus is here Your text is Gerber, “ International Economics,” 6th ed., Pearson 2014

Note that we will not us MyEconLib, so don't sign up for it. Also, previous versions of the text will not work.


The course is divided into five units.

  1. Unit 1: Gains from trade
  2. Unit 2: Government intervention
  3. Unit 3: International trade organizations
  4. Unit 4: International trade organizations
  5. Unit 5: Current issues
You will get a handout for each unit listing key terms and concepts for which you are responsible. You will also get a “Unit 0” handout listing key terms and concepts from your Principles classes, for which you are also responsible.

Homework (25% of your grade)

You will have weekly homework assignments which will typically require four six hours of work. They are to be submitted in class, usually on Wed. The homework you submit must be your own work. Identical text answers will be consider prima facie evidence of copying.

Quizzes (12%)

I will give short quizzes in class most weeks. There is no makeup on quizzes but I will drop several of your lowest quiz scores.

Midterm exams (each 15%)

In class, Mar. 23 and Apr. 29. No Scantron forms.

Class participation

I encourage all students to participate in class with questions, comments, arguments, etc. If your course score is a borderline between letter grades I may, at my discretion, bump your grade up based on your class participation.

Extra Credit

The Economics Department sponsors the Provocative Lecture series. Three lectures are given each semester, and you can obtain extra credit by attending. Those whose schedules preclude this will be given an alternative opportunity.

Final exam (33%)

There will be a comprehensive final exam on Tues. May 24 at 9:45 AM. Make your travel plans accordingly.

Assignments, announcements and downloads:

  • (Mar. 17) A study guide for your Mar. 23 midterm exam is posted here. Bring it to class on Monday; also your textbook.
  • (Mar. 15)
  • (Mar. 7) The graph showing welfare transfers due to a tariff that I have been showing in class is here.

  • (Mar. 6)

    Homework 6, due Mar. 14, is available here. As part of it, you will read a short article available here.

  • (Feb. 26)

    Homework 5, due Mar. 7, is available here. Also, the WSJ piece on Big Data is here.

  • (Feb. 25) Powerpoint files shown in class are posted for factor proportions and international factor movement.
  • (Feb. 23)

    Homework #4, due Feb. 29, is available here. It references this web site.

  • (Feb. 17) Shown in class recently:
  • (Feb. 14)

    Homework due Feb. 22 is posted here. It includes a short reading which is available here.

  • (Feb. 4)

    Homework 2, due Feb. 15, is here. Graph paper for use in this homework is here.

  • (Jan. 27)

    Our first provocative lecture will be held on Tues. Feb. 9 from 5:15 to 6:45 in the New Student Union Theater. Speaker: Adam Thierer. Topic: Permissionless Innovation.

  • (Jan. 12)